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Juicing with New Juicer!

Salam and good day to all of you.....

Hmm, i've been juicing for about 2 months already. At first, i used blender to make my juice. But the taste is not as good as using juicer and lotsa nutrients gone because of the heat when you blend the fruits/veges. Since then, i purchased a juicer which is Kuvings Silent Juicer!

Tell you, the juice extracted from this juicer is superb! The taste, the color, the quantity and the nutrients are all complete package!

I bought this Kuvings Silent Juicer at My Kuvings Online Shop. They are the only distributor appointed by Kuvings HQ. The silent juicer has two different types, Horizontal and Vertical. I bought the Vertical Silent Juicer.

Details about Kuvings Vertical Silent Juicer

Kuvings Silent Juicer is a universal juicer for all your needs. From firm carrots to fine wheatgrass (in smaller amounts) can be juiced. Conventional juicers, grinding with high speed up to 3,000~15,000rpm, destroy  essential nutritions and enzymes.

Kuvings Silent Juicer on the other side keeps through its  especially developed Low Speed Extraction Method (80rpm), more nutrition and enzymes such as the natural color and taste of the juice.

  • Brushless AC Powerful Motor - 3HP(squeezing power) of reduced gear.
  • Low Speed Extraction Methods - 80rpm
  • Variety functions - Extracting Vegetable juice, Soy juice, Fruit juice, homemade tofu and more are the functions of the appliance, which makes it convenient and faster to cook.
  • Easy to assemble and dissemble the parts
  • Two Step Safety precaution device - If all parts are assemble properly, and also the lid is close properly, then the device will appliance to work, without the steps the appliance won't start. 
  • Handgrip able - Handgrip is attached to an appliance, which it makes convenient to use.
  • Stylish new design - New compact and concept design juicer that brightens up your kitchen.  

Actually i ordered different model which is NS-998 (model 1) in Red but the seller offer me another model which is NS-993 (model 3) in Red jugak since i was too excited to get the juicer and they offer me this model. Function wise and feature still the same. Difference only the design la. 

Kuvings Silent Juicer (Model 3) is elegantly designed to match your kitchen and dining room. This model comes in a satin red body finish that exudes a premium look. Combined with a luxury black finish, it allows for easy care and maintained.

They gave FREE Kuvings Mincer Unit and Kuvings Cleaning Tool.

Kuvings Mincer Unit is an optional add-on that turns your vertical Silent Juicer into a multi-functional mincer and grinder unit.  This allows you to increase your return on investment on your basic silent juicer.  In addition to juicing, you can now mince, grind and chop. 

Making nutritious ice cream and smoothies has not been easier.  
  • Just keep banana, berry or kiwi for 24 hours in freezer.
  • Peel off the skin and feed it into mincer. - it is ice cream.
  • Or you can mix it with milk, yogurt or evaporated milk to add sweet. - it is smoothie.

Patented cylindrical cleaning tool for easy cleaning of Silent Juicer screen.

Once i got the juicer, i directly un-boxed it, washed it and used it immediately. I could see the big difference using juicer and blender! I dont have to add water when using juicer and i get the same amount of juice when using blender which is pure juice.


See the juice. I love it so much! I usually refer to Juice Recipes to make my juice. I love Fresh Start, Mean Green, Lemon Essence etc. Sometimes i mixed up ikut suka hati je. haha.

This is Fresh Start recipe. Combination of Carrots, Apples & Celery. Sometimes i add orange or pineapple together. And add chia seeds as well.

This one we called it as Beet-tilicious Recipe. Combination of Beetroot, Apples, Oranges, Carrots & Ginger. The taste...hmmmm not bad. haha.

Ok, i will update my juicing activity from time to time. So far i have lose 5kgs. Hope for more kgs to go away from me. :D

Live healthily by Juicing!


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    # by priya seo - May 27, 2014 at 2:52 PM

    Buy Kuvings Whole Slow Juicers B6000, B6000S, B6000PR, B6000W that uses low speed to press and extract juice without destroying important vitamins and nutrients as the cold press helps to keep the enzymes intact and alive.

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