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13-Months Young Ayser Zarif

Yes, since his first birthday, Ayser's development is super fantastic! 
  • Teething - his first tooth came out exactly after his birthday! Then, his teeth came out so fast within a month! Until now, he has 4 teeths already.
  • Talking - yes, he loves to talk. He keeps on babbling on his own words. We keep on talking to him. We teach him lotsa words. He can pronounces 'bird', 'dog', 'woof woof', 'mama', 'daaa daa', 'apa', 'tu tu' (while pointing to object that he wants), and many more
  • Great Appetite - Since his first birthday, his appetite became bigger and bigger. He eats a lot! I'm happy to see that he eats a lot. And can see he's getting chubby and heavier. Hopefully this great appetite remains.
  • Imitate Others - He imitates us a lot! When i shout, he will shout too. When i said 'woof woof', he will repeat too. That's so cute! He even tickle me back when i tickled him. And he knows when his meal time, he needs a wet tissue to wipe his mouth!
  • Dancing - He can shake his body when listen to song. Not fully dancing.
  • Understand words - When we said "Siapa nama Ayser Zarif angkat tangan", he will raise his hand. When we said "Show me your teeth", he will giggle and shows his teeth.
  • Walking - This is the most waited milestone. At 13 months finally he walked! But, he walked so fast. Macam berlari pon ada. haha. As of now, he refused to walk. Sometimes only he will walk.
  • Tantrum - He will throws tantrum when he does not get what he wants. Adoiiii ini sangat pening.

On his interest, i dont see yet because he will play or explore everything. Even the dustbin also he wants to explore. haha :D

Overall, we are happy to see his development. Only hope that his tantrum is controllable.

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