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Memories of 2012

Salam n good day to all of u...

Happy New Year to all! May 2013 will be more wonderful and great year to all of us.

Ok, our memories of 2012 were so beautiful. There are ups and downs but Alhamdulillah for all the gifts and challenges given to us.

1) 2012 started with myself getting ready for birth

2) Hubby and i in the hospital

3) Welcoming our new bundle of joy!

4) Stranded in the hospital for 4 days

5) Our bundle of joy named Ayser Zarif bin Mohd Zulkarnain. The name means wealthy, easy dealing with, glamorous, graceful n humorous

6) Us as new parents. Ups and downs together

7) Ayser Zarif's great development

8) Our first Aidilfitri with Ayser Zarif

9) Our first trip to Sydney with Ayser Zarif

10) Ayser Zarif during Aidiladha

11) Our Aidiladha celebration at Kuala Berang, Terengganu

12) Ayser Zarif at Kuala Berang

13) Ayser Zarif the cheeky, handsome and clever boy!

14) Happy moment with Ayser Zarif!

Thank you Allah for giving us such precious gift!

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