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No Sweat!

Sweating Problem ?.. NO SWEAT..!!

It has been almost 3 weeks now since i first used Adidas Action 3 Antiperspirant. Throughout the three weeks.. i feel more relax, confident and most important COMFORTABLE.

My Adidas Action 3 Antiperspirant

Allow me to share my past experiences using deodorants. Since schooldays, I've tried many types of deodorant and their family-like products. I've used sticks, gel, liquid, body-spray and others you name it laa.. I hate most of them, but since i need one, i forced myself to choose sticks (not too bad la..). Some of the issues i had with all of them:

Have you came across this scenario in the LRT or Bus?.. i know i have..

Liquid - Cooling at first, later underarms will feel very dry and rough. (Kesat ketiak woo!! haha..). Still sweating after few hours

Body-spray - Smell nice, later underarms will feel very dry and rough. (sama macam atas..). Still sweating after few hours

Stick - Smell nice and comfortable but leaves stain on your shirt. It also leaves white residue at your underarms (not recommended for sleeve-less shirts, sekali angkat tangan. Eeeeuuuwwwww..!). Can control sweat.

Gel - Sticky underarms. (Macam glue.. gross). Still sweating after few hours

Adidas Action 3 Antiperspirant is different from the above. I can strongly say:...

a. Your underarms will not get rough and dry (tak rasa kesat anymore..).
b. It doesn't leaves stain on your shirt (baju tak cepat rosak.. save money).
c. There are no residue (boleh angkat ketiak dengan confident.. tengok la..haha)
d. Your body are safe from bad body odour.. (tak malu naik LRT)
e. No more sweating! (at your underarms..)

Go ahead and try one..! you will feel the difference..

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