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Ayser Zarif's Day Out

Salam and good day to all.

Yesterday we brought Ayser to play at Kiddies Land @ Royale Bintang Damansara. This was our first time there.

He was super happy and can't seems to stop playing. The place is super colourful. Rambang mata jadinya. Nak main semua.

They have 'mini' playroom sets, such as cafe, hospital, beauty boutique and cinema. Ayser played in all of these playrooms. He loves it so much!

At first, there were only us there playing. But later, came a young friendly girl, Alisha. Kakak Alisha and Ayser played together. Haha so cute!

They played doctor-patient, cooking, blocks building n lotsa more. My hubby n i got exhausted entertaining them. Alisha even asked my hubby to wash his hand before joining their 'tea party'..

The play area is cozy and nice. The ambiance makes us wanna stay longer. Haha. Nvm, we can go again later... soon...!

Enjoy the rest of the pictures!

Before leaving, Ayser and Abang Amir played the see-saw together.

Ayser didn't wanna go back! He still wanna continue playing. Next time we come again ya baby!

On our way back we stop for some groceries. I wanna make oreo cheesy cake. Wooohooo. Later will blog about it.

Happy Sunday!


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