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Ayser Zarif Development - 8 Months

Today Ayser Zarif is 8 months 2 weeks & 4 days young. Last few weeks his weight was 9.3kg...By now should be increasing laa....or maintain at least bcos dia kan tgh cranky nk tumbuh gigi tuh. His height x ukur la plak...nanti i ukur k.

On his development, he's on track just gigi blom tumbuh lagi..xper lambat sikit pon xper..senang nk breastfeed. hihi. :D

Now, he can:

Says "dada" and "mama" to both parents (specific) - yes he will call me "ami" or "mama" and he calls his dad " dada". haha penat ajar "daddy" tetap "dada" gak kuar..

Passes object from hand to hand - yes especially his toys

Stands while holding onto something - yes he stands in his babycots at the rail.

Crawls well - yes he's already crawl so fast!

Points at objects - not yet rasa nya but he will point at me when he sees me

Pulls self to standing position, cruises around furniture while holding on - yes we always put him in babycot so he will stand at the rail and cruises along the rail.

Picks things up with thumb-finger "pincer" grasp - not sure la plakkan...sangat detail ni

Indicates wants with gestures - belum lagi ni...tapi klo dia xmo...dia akan geleng kepala..haha cute!

Sits without support - yes, he can sit without support d.

I'm happy with his development....and enjoy it! Macam2 ada....hahaha

Source: BabyCenter

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