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Monsoon Season is here..

There has been quite a few flood cases in the country recently... We are now right in the middle of the Monsoon Season. Personally, experiencing heavy rains around my area, we never know when flash floods can occur. The recent Kajang Flash Flood is somewhat scary to think knowing that you're not able to save valuables or even save yourself..

The video clips below shows how unpredictable and dangerous flash floods could be..

Anyway, when you experience heavy rain at your place, you may log on to Public Info Banjir's website  where you can get updates on the weather conditions. There are warnings of floods, heavy rains and even high increase of water level.  

I really like the page as you may also see live footage of certain rivers. They have placed 6 cameras to observe rivers at potentially flood-risk areas. Since i'm using the NKVE heading to Shah Alam, i'll always take a peek at Batu 3 river.. As of the time this post being written, this is the condition of Batu 3 river.. Nice and calm..

Those who live in low and flood prone areas, always be prepared. I hope this post is informative to you guys..

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