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INA vs MAS (Epic Battle) - Must Watch!

photo's source: Sinar Harian

For Malaysian Football Fanatics, this match can be considered epic and a must-watch game..

Our current scenario..
photo's source: The Star

It doesn't matter how tonight's match ended, Indonesia will definitely move on to the semi-finals with at least 9 points.. As for our team, we only need to draw (total of 8 points) to comfortably advanced and join Indonesia. Yes, there are chances that we might not make it to the semi's, but to our advantage, we will know...should we need to GEAR-UP Habis-habisan.. for the match against Indonesia, since Thailand will play against Singapore first at 5pm today, three hours before our game. Coach Ong Kim Swee has +-1 hour to plan his team's strategies. He might end up playing it safe if we automatically qualified to next round. A move to prevent unnecessary injuries. We have way more important matches to think off.

If we still loose to Indonesia, and Singapore wins, we have to hope that goal difference will be in our favor. In a way, Singapore needs to score as many goals they can (at least 5-0, provided we don't score any goals against INA) if they ever dream to be in the semi's. Which i don't think gonna happen since we all know that Thailand is a strong team. They have lost to us and Indonesia, definitely they would want to fight and preserve some dignity.

My prediction for Semi-Final matches, analyzing the table above, provided if Vietnam wins over Laos even with 1-0, they will be the  top team in Group B. Having said that, for Semi's:

Semi-final 1:
Indonesia (1st in Group A) vs Myanmar (2nd in Group B)

Semi-final 2:
Malaysia (2nd in Group A) vs Vietnam (1st in Group B)

Let's not go too far, first we have to beat Indonesia tonight.. Do cheer for our team..

Note: Images uploaded are only illustration of my sporting spirit .. No Politiking Please...


Update: 10:30pm - Match day

Results: Vietnam vs Laos : 3 - 1
              Singapore vs Thailand : 2 - 0

My prediction was wrong. Singapore won and Malaysia beat Indonesia, 1-0. It means that we are the winner of Group A!. So, for Semi-Finals:

Semi-final 1: 19 November 2011, 5:00pm
Malaysia (1st in Group A) vs Myanmar (2nd in Group B)

Semi-final 2: 19 November 2011, 8:30pm
Indonesia (2nd in Group A) vs Vietnam (1st in Group B)

Congratulations Malaysia!!

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