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Top 10 Car Parts Likey To Fail

Attention!! especially ladies...we dont know all about car so much....These are parts that always cause you trouble...

So, take note and at least we know how to handle when it happen.

According to British specialist insurer Warranty Direct, its study shows that around one in three repairs to vehicles aged between three and seven-years old will be due to a wear-related failure.
Manufacturer new car warranties only cover material or manufacturing defects because wear-related failures increase in frequency as a vehicle ages and moves outside the traditional three-year cover period.

The Warranty Direct data shows that even small parts which will wear out over time – like the bearings in a water pump – could set you back an average of £209 (RM1,045) to fix. Meanwhile, larger components like gearboxes cost on average £1,378.65 (around RM7,000)  to put right.

Don't know what's that thingy term....hehe...just google it :D

Source: The Star

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