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Tips & Guides: How To Change A Flat Tyre

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1. Immediately slow down the speed of your vehicle and steer it safely off the road. Take note that a blown tyre interferes with the vehicle's steering and proper handling.

2. Have your car parked on a flat area. Do not try to jack your car while you are on a sloping surface, as this will pose as a serious threat for your safety since your car will not have proper balance.

3. Turn off the car and immediately turn on the emergency lights and apply the parking brake. Using the emergency lights will make your disabled vehicle more visible, especially at night.

4. Be sure that your car is in gear. If you have an automatic gear, be sure that it is on ''park (P).''

5. Get the necessary tools out of the trunk of your vehicle. You will need a good spare tyre, car jack, lug tool, a jack stand and a block for the tires.

6. Use the lug tool to loosen the lug nuts on the tyre before you jack the vehicle up, loosen them in order.

7. Use the car jack to carefully raise the front or rear end of the vehicle. You will need to raise the vehicle high enough so that you can remove the flat tyre. If you are not sure how to the use the jack, follow the manufacturer's instructions.
There are several types of jacks and different ways to use them.

8. Make sure you close the car door, booth and bonnet before jacking the car. Not doing so may cause minor distortions in the vehicle chases. This is especially true if the booth or fuel tank is full. Doors might not be able to be close properly if you ignore this.

9. Remove the lug nuts and put them aside carefully.

10. Remove the flat tyre from the vehicle and put it aside.

11. Place the spare tyre onto the hub, making sure to align the holes in the tyre to the studs that are sticking out.

12. Remember to place the tyre with the air valve facing you. If you don't see the air valves you may have put the tyre on backwards.

13. Replace the lug nuts and tighten them in the same fashion in which you loosened them.

14. Slowly lower the jack all the way down. Use the lug tool to tighten all of the lug nuts. Make sure that they are all tightened securely.

15. Place the flat tyre and tools in the boot.

16. The flat tyre should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Source: The Star

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