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Lahad Datu Work Trip..

Of course it was a business trip...I had to supervise a training session in Lahad Datu, Sabah.

Once arrived in K. Kinbalu, we had to take a connecting flight (a smaller plane) to Lahad Datu.. It was quite an experience flying with MAS Wings. The time period between the two flights were so close we had to ran to make it before the departure time. Something like 'Amazing Raze'... Even our bag were not load onto the designated compartment, the staff has to manually handcarry them... Hahaha..

The place is called Felda Sahabat 16. The training was conducted at a college in Felda Sahabat. They have about 58 kampungs for settlers in Sahabat. The land size is as big as Negeri Sembilan. Woww... and it's covered with Palm Oil Plantations. We stayed in a small resort by the seaside.. "Felda Residence"

Sempat lagi... jiwang..

Somewhere near the resort, they have a huge storage tank for the processed palm 'oils' with a connecting pipeline 1 km out to the sea.. for tankers to port and load the oils for export markets.. amazing..

On my last day in Lahad Datu, we were brought to see Orang 'Pala'u' (perahu) .. It was a shocker to see how they live and this is in Malaysia.

Basically, they lived in their boat. Some has 5-7 family members. Everything is done right there in the 'boat', Cooking, washing, sleeping, eating and etc. Don't be surprised, this picture was taken right smack in Lahad Datu town.

The picture above is not them selling shirts. They actually drying them.. I was told that these people don't have nationality, most of them migrated from the Phillipines (20 mins by boat from Lahad Datu) and decide to stay in Malaysia. Of course there are no special privileges given.

It was pure experience being in Lahad Datu.

Signing Off,

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