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Alhamdulillah....finally we have subscribed to our new life insurance! This....


Takde la byk mana premium nye but at least there's something that can protect and help us. InsyaAllah ada rezeki lebih bole la di upgrade kan lagi.

And this is the benefits for this PruBSN Takafulink.

And our new agent! Nafisah & pon dapat contact from reading thru Redmummy. (kak nafisah kene blanje RM tau! :P). They are fulltime Prudential agent. Nak contact tu....kt bawah dh siap2 dah sumer contact details! kidnapped gambar dari blog dorg :D

After this, insyaAllah.....will subscribe prumychild plak...:D

Ok, enjoy your weekend!

Source: PruBSN Takaful & Googled Image

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