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Another Sabah Trip.. - Sandakan

Yup, another work trip to Sabah, this time it's Sandakan.

Sandakan is only 20 mins away from Sepilok. Always wanted to go but just didn't get the opportunity yet.


This time around, our client was so kind (i'm dead serious) where they brought us for a seafood dinner. We had Flower Crabs (full of meat), Tiger Prawn, Garoupa and etc... Such a great feast...

The best part of the trip was the "Lobster Noodles". and it was a lunch thingy the next day..

I have tried so called Lobster dish at Victoria Station and it was nothing compared to this one.. So fresh and juicy... I can't really recognize the taste, something similar to prawn and crab..

Really look forward to return to Sandakan..

Signing Off,

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