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Backdated - Conference Beijing - Oct 2010

Last October, I was asked to attend a conference in Bejing Capital, China. It was pre-winter and temperatures were about 8'C to 12'C.

Arrival - Taxi to Hotel

I took a late flight from KLIA (pre-planned to save hotel charges) and arrived at around 7.00am at Beijing Capital International Airport..It was a co-shared flight (MAS-China Southern Airlines).

Day-1. I arrived 10 mins late at the hotel and missed the first bus heading to Great Wall.. Yup, Darn that slow taxi driver... Anyway, managed to get myself on the second bus which only tour Beijing city. There we about 10 of us from various continents, guest of the conference.

Temple of Heaven

It was raining and the streets were wet. Temperature plunged from 12'C (forecasted) to 6'C. I had to wear my winter coats. The ones which i refused to bring but had to, forced by my wife.. Thanks wife! Kalau tak bawak.. mati kesejukan la. gamaknya..!

The Gang
Some of the Arts there
Tienanmen Square

It was a solo trip, I'm the sole rep from Malaysia. You'll be seeing more pictures of me..aloneee.!.. haha.. You can stop reading now if you don't wish to see more of me.. hehe..

Renaissance Beijing Capital Hotel, Chaoyang District. Located next to an Urban mall. The room was very nice..A Five X Hotel..The room had a glass see-through bathroom, a bathtub, a sofa, a working desk and surprisingly more.. A lot of activities can be done here**** But, since I was alone.. Nothing happened... hahaha...

The Hotel Room
Surroundings & Hotel Entrance

Some of the sessions

The Conference lasted for 3 days. Met many partners from all over the world. Had quite an experience.

Bird's Nest Olympic Stadium
Amazing Architectural Designs

The weather improved, temperature was around 10'C - 12'C. Managed to sneak out during lunch time. Took the subway to explore Beijing. Their Subway lines are huge. Beijing has 10 lines (still growing) and all are connected. You don't have to change tickets to get from Point A-A to Point C-A. It was very easy to move around.

The Classic Restaurant & My Grilled Mutton Ribs

The Hotel doesn't serve Halal food. I consumed only vegetables and fruits. Two days without meat! It's killing me.. I asked around and met a Muslim Ugyur (pronounced "Wiiger"). He gave me an address to this restaurant called Tumaris. Again, alone... I make my way to the restaurant. Greeted by two 'sexy white-legged' Ugyur Girls.. there were doubts suddenly.. but since they gave 'salam',  O.K, i'm at the right place. Probably their customs and ways of living here. I forced myself not to think nonsense..  NOPE, don't even try to think about it..

Heading back to the Hotel, none of the taxi I waved stopped.. I stood by the roadside for about 40mins. Alone and cold.. Determined, I choosed a direction and started walking. Under the dimmed roadlights, I walked by flats and quarters, honestly I was worried that I might get mugged , TWENTY minutes later I found a subway station. Pheeww.. I thought I was a goner...The 8 o'clock headlines in one of the Chinese local news channel. Haha...

Leaving the Hotel

Day 4 - Final Day. Goodbye Beijing. It was an awesome experience! the only regret.. I didn't get to go to Great Wall...

Signing Off,

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