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US Shops now made available in one Website..!! is the No.1 Virtual Shopping Hub in Malaysia. You can easily shop the best and cheapest deals in USA and Japan, and have them shipped to your doorstep with just a few clicks.

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If you see an online item that you really wanted to get, and your purchase was hindered because you did not reside in USA or did not owned a US credit card, you will be glad to know that vsHUB has the services to help you in these two key areas.
As a vsHUB member you can shop worldwide with your US shipping address, and vsHUB will ensure all delivery from the online store via the US shipping address and your home is totall hassle free.
With almost 10,000 vsHUB registered members, vsHUB will poise to provide regular promotions, special deals and online auctions for their members (FREE to sign up), do not miss out any of these great opportunities.
For those who own an online store, vsHUB has an amazing service for you called “eFulfillment” where, vsHUB will store, pack and deliver your goods for you. This will help save you time while you focus on growing your online business. If you take on the 6-month package, you will enjoy savings of uo to 50% Off on their services.
In addition, be one of the 11,000+ Fans on Facebook to get regular updates on vsHUB promos and offers.
Visit and Sign Up as a Registered Member (for FREE) at now!
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