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About The 2nd Miscarriage

Salam to all of u!!

Wanna share u about my 2nd miscarriage. Mmg sedih but I managed to control myself and be positive. Mungkin bukan rezeki lagi. InsyaAllah ada la tu nanti.

Ok, this time doctor said I had a missed miscarriage. Ada macam-macam term of miscarriage. I pun pening gak. Banyak sangat term nye. Dulu, I had incomplete miscarriage/abortion.

What's missed miscarriage?

A missed miscarriage occurs when the fetus dies, however the woman's body continues as if the fetus is still viable.  The diagnosis of a missed miscarriage is usaully considered after fetal heart tones are not heard or the size of the uterus has not grown.  Then a ultrasound will be performed which will show a fetus that stopped growing several weeks prior to the ultrasound and there will be no fetal heart tones. 

Ok, this is what had happened to me. Everything was fine except no heartbeat of the fetus. Haa, camne tuh?? Mase tu rase frust la jugak. Dah jaga makan etc.....Baby plak xde heartbeat. Lame jugak we all tunggu to confirm..Until I got bleeding.

Signs/Symptoms of Missed Miscarriage

A missed miscarriage will usually have no signs and symptoms initially.  The woman will usuall feel as if the pregnancy is going just fine.  There are some women who may experience some dark brown vaginal spotting but this is not a definative sign of a missed miscarriage.  Other women have stated that they have lost some of the signs and symptoms of pregnancy such as breast tenderness, nausea, and / or fatigue.  With a missed miscarraige women will not have lower abdominal or pelvic pain.

I memule morning sickness teruk. Then, lame2 main berkurang. Memule lega la sbb dh berkurang tapi bile doc kata no heartbeat risau la jadinye. But, what to do..belum ada rezeki lagi..

And right now, I'm still on confinement. Dok umah je laa...Dah start bosan dah....hehe...Mule la kan..browse sana sini...ingat mau beli MacBook...ntah bile nye nk beli...Ni pon pow laptop my sister. Dia tgh tido..Nak gune my dad's laptop...bole buang aje...dh nak masuk zaman dinosaur..haha

Oklaa....this time byk pot pet la plakkan....Xde gambar langsung...Sorry yek...At least I've shared some knowledge to u ollssss...

Mau sambung tgk DH7~~


Source: Missed Miscarriage

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