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My Free Time

Salam to all!!!

How's life?? Sorry for being such in the cave of the golden roses...hahaha...I have lotsa things to sort out and having this and that challenges needed to spend lots of time and neglected this blog. Left my hubby keep on updating it alone..

By the way...FYI...I have miscarried for the 2nd time again....Since I have plenty of time at home, I'll try my best to keep posted and updated the blog.

So, I'll fulfill my free time by watching the new season of Desperate Housewives!!! (though I know I was a bit ketinggalan!) but never mind.

Besides that, I'm reading books now! haha...Please don't laugh at me. Mmg ni dah tahap gaban nye tertinggal bas, kapal terbang....kuno ke apa ke....ada aku kesah...janji baca kan.....

So, right now I'm reading Shopaholic series from the start ok....I managed to buy all of the series. Left only 2 stand alone books yang tak terbeli lagi...

I dah abes baca The Confessions of Shopaholic.

Right now reading Undomestic Goddess sebab Shopaholic series tak complete.

Ni baru dapat happy!!!

Oh one more thing. Last miscarriage I didn't take any jamu or whatsoever yang sewaktu dengannya la kan...So this time I have to consume la jugak...For my health and also nak pregnant lg...So, hopefully dengan izin Allah dapatlah I ni pregnant full-term yerk....

So, I'm taking this Sohab Pukul Darah to clean my womb from dirty blood, Jamu Selapan from Mustika Ratu and this air rebusan akar kayu...

I would say this like disaster! hahaha...pahit giler! especially the air rebusan...bile minum tekak rasa pedas....but what to do....nak sihat kan..kene la amek jugak....

Okla...I'll update other things soon...daaaa~~~

Image source: Google search, Sophie Kinsella

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