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Holiday Planning: Helpful Weather Tips: Conjunction with Air Asia X Ticket Promotion..

As per dated 16/11/10:

PETALING JAYA: AirAsia X will be offering low fares from Kuala Lumpur to Australia, China, Taiwan, United Kingdom, India and South Korea.
Tickets for the travel period from July 1 to Nov 10 next year are up for grabs until Wednesday.
All-in fares to India start from as low as RM49 to Mumbai and RM99 to Delhi.
China (Hangzhou, Tianji, Chengdu) destinations are from RM105, Taiwan from RM169, Australia from RM149 to Perth and RM199 to Gold Coast and Melbourne.
To Seoul the fares are from RM199 and RM499 to London (Stansted).
AirAsia X chief executive director Azran Osman-Rani said it had launched its new flight transfer ser-vices, which would provide a more convenient transit process for connecting guests across selected destinations on the AirAsia X network via its hub in Kuala Lumpur.
Yesterday, AirAsia also announced that it would increase its frequency on the Kuala Lumpur-Chennai route from Jan 21 next year.
It would now operate a total of 11 flights weekly from Chennai.
AirAsia would be offering all-in fares from RM149 one-way to mark this.
Booking is from Nov 16 to 21 for travel from Jan 21 to June 30 next year

Helpful Tips for travellers :
Weathers for selected destinations...

Perth: Barrack Street Jetty
July - Winter (High: 18'C / Low: 6'C)
August - Winter (High: 21'C / Low: 9'C)
September - Spring (High: 21'C / Low: 9'C)
October - Spring (High: 24'C / Low: 9'C)
November - Spring (High: 27'C / Low: 12'C)

Melbourne: Tram

July - Winter (High:13'C / Low: 6'C) 
August - Winter (High: 15'C / Low: 7'C)
September - Spring (High: 15'C / Low: 8'C)
October - Spring (High: 20'C / Low: 9'C)
November - Spring (High: 22'C / Low: 11'C)

Gold Coast Beaches
Gold Coast
July - Winter (High: 15'C / Low: 6'C) 
August - Winter (High: 20'C / Low: 7'C)
September - Spring (High: 22'C / Low: 8'C)
October - Spring (High: 24'C / Low: 9'C)
November - Spring (High: 26'C / Low: 11'C)

Taiwan: Taipei 101
July - Summer (High: 32'C / Low: 26'C) - Beware of Typhoon (east coast)
August - Summer (High: 32'C / Low: 26'C) - Beware of Typhoon (east coast)
September - Autumn (High: 30'C / Low: 23'C) - Beware of Typhoon (east coast)
October - Autumn (High: 27'C / Low: 23'C) - Beware of Typhoon (east coast)
November - Autumn (High: 23'C / Low: 16'C)

London: Double-Decker Bus
July - Summer (High: 22'C / Low: 12'C) 
August - Summer (High: 21'C / Low: 11'C)
September - Summer/Autumn (High: 18'C / Low: 9'C)
October - Autumn (High: 14'C / Low: 6'C)
November - Autumn/Winter (High: 8'C / Low: 3'C)

Seoul: World Cup Stadium
July - Summer (High: 29'C / Low: 22'C) -Monsoon Season
August - Summer (High: 30'C / Low: 23'C)
September - Autumn (High: 16'C / Low: 16'C)
October - Autumn (High: 20'C / Low: 9'C)
November - Autumn/Winter (High: 11'C / Low: 3'C)

Beijing: Olympic stadium
Beijing (Tianjin)
July - Summer (High: 31'C / Low: 22'C) 
August - Summer (High: 30'C / Low: 20'C)
September - Autumn (High: 26'C / Low: 14'C)
October - Autumn (High: 18'C / Low: 7'C)
November - Autumn/Winter (High: 10'C / Low: -1'C)

Shaghai: Maglev Bullet Train
Shanghai (Hangzhou)
July - Summer (High: 31'C / Low: 25'C) 
August - Summer (High: 31'C / Low: 25'C)
September - Autumn (High: 27'C / Low: 21'C)
October - Autumn (High: 22'C / Low: 16'C)
November - Autumn/Winter (High: 16'C / Low: 10'C)

New Delhi: Taj Mahal
New Delhi
July - Summer/Monsoon (High: 34'C / Low: 26'C) 
August - Monsoon (High: 33'C / Low: 25'C)
September - Monsoon (High: 32'C / Low: 24'C)
October - Post Monsoon/Winter (High: 32'C / Low: 18'C) - Recommended
November - Winter (High: 27'C / Low: 12'C) - Recommended

Mumbai: Gateway of India
July - Monsoon (High: 30'C / Low: 25'C) - Rainy season
August - Monsoon (High: 29'C / Low: 24'C) - Rainy season
September - Monsoon (High: 30'C / Low: 24'C) - Rainy season
October - Post Monsoon (High: 32'C / Low: 24'C)
November - Post Monsoon/Winter (High: 33'C / Low: 23'C) - Recommended

So, Make you decision SOON..!!!

Salam Aidil Adha..

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