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Twilight Saga Marathon~~

Last night, we watched Twilight and New Moon...back-to-back before watching Eclipse. Have to recap back the stories, otherwise we'll forget the storyline..:D

Started watched at 10.00pm...with Twilight

This is the romantic movie! I loike! kissing kissing and kissing.hahaha. Ok some piccas of Twilight. Saje amek takde keje.:D

And continued watching New Moon until 2.00am..

New Moon nyampah sikit tgk sbb I x suke Jacob..hahaha..ngn si Bella yang tamak haloba ni.Kalo baca buku ni dah lama skip part Jacob.Kui kui kui. Ni gmbr2 from New Moon plak. Xde la byk. xkoser nk menunggu every scene. Kang terbyk le plakkan.

Then, will be continued watching Eclipse at cinema. Prolly right now! Yeay!

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