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Anlene Concentrate

Calcium is an important mineral to life. It is the most plentiful mineral in your body and is necessary for bone initiation and growth in the developing fetus and throughout life to maintain optimal bone health and structure.

While calcium is often linked to bone health and its significance to optimal bone health cannot be over-emphasized, there are other important functions for calcium during a woman’s life. Calcium helps the body by aiding muscle contraction and relaxation, blood coagulation and nerve impulse transmission.

Unfortunately, most of women do not obtain the recommended amount of calcium in their diet to help maintain healthy bone structure.

How Much Does A Woman Need?

The amount of calcium that a woman should get per day ranges from 1000mg-1500mg, depending her age group, and hormonal state. 

a) Ages 11-24 (adolescents and young adults): 1200-1500 mg
b) Ages 25-50: 1000 mg
c) Pregnant and nursing: 1200-1500 mg
d) Older than 50 (postmenopausal):
          -- on estrogens: 1000 mg
          -- not on estrogens: 1500 mg
e) Older than 65: 1500 mg

Therefore, I opt for Anlene..

Anlene is a range of products specially formulated for adults' who may be lacking in essential bone nutrients.

It is enriched with a superior combination of essential bone nutrients - calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, zinc and protein. This unique formulation helps ensure effective absorption of bone nutrients.

Anlene is the only dairy product with added vitamin D and minerals which is scientifically proven to help maintain bones.

There are varieties of choice of Anlene product from powder to liquid. I choose this Anlene Concentrate because easier to drink like normal dairy drinks. I opt for Chocolate flavor because I don't drink milk...So to maintain my body calcium I choose the chocolate flavor! This box has 4 small boxes of chocolate milk...

The size is small..Only 125ml for 1 chocolate milk! And the price...hmmm....consider quite expensive but think back about my health...I have to sacrifice laaa.....

Here you can check the ingredients and food information and the calorie thingy...

Here's a TV commercial of Michelle Yeoh...I couldn't get the latest TV Ads of Anlene...'s your body calcium? Is it enough already? What are you waiting for? Let's have a healthy life! 

Source: Anlene, CalciumInfo, Estronaut

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