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Planning for EidulFitr 2010

This year, my family are planning to celebrate EdiulFitr outside the country that is Kashmir + Taj Mahal...huhu....such a great place....

Let see...

1) Taj Mahal

I'm ok with Taj Mahal...but to go such the worst place that you have to face before reach Taj not sure whether this is a good idea during Raya day...but Taj Mahal is very unique and one of the seven wonders of the world!

2) Kashmir

Kashmir is such a beautiful places that I've wanted to go...but am not sure whether this place is safe right now since they have been fighting each other to get the place...Hopefully it's ok by then...

Other options are Gold Coast or Perth.....hmmm...waiting for decision...Else we're celebrating at our new crib only....:)

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