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Outstation in KL - Kemaman - K.Terengganu - Kemaman - KL..

I was involved in a pilot project in Kemaman last weekend. Sadly, I had to leave my wife for 4 days, kesian dia..tinggal kat rumah sorang-sorang.. Anyway, sacrifices has to be made to move forward in life..kan?.. Both, my colleague and I left KL at about 6.00am to avoid traffic congestions especially on MRR2. The journey was smooth with an average speed of 140km/h. We arrived in Kemaman early at around 10.00am, ..make a quick stop at the project site and head to K. Terengganu for a short meeting. On our way back to Kemaman, we stop at Marang for a break.. I ordered 'Sotong Goreng Tepung' and 'Keropok Lekor' to isi perut yang sudah lapar..
The scenery was very pleasing.. angin pun nyaman.. we can see Pulau Kapas from there..

That day, we check-in at Lagend Hotel, Cherating not too far from Kemaman.. We got a villa room, with balcony facing to the sea.. To be honest, i'm not satisfied with the room, everything was old.. even the bathroom is not up to expectation.. since the company pays for it.. duduk saje la.. view from my room..
Early Friday morning, we head to the project site.. on our way there we stop for nasi dagang for breakfast..

That night, after googleing some website for seafood recommendation, we head to Cherating Beach looking for a Chinese cuisine seafood restaurant called Duyong Restaurant. It's hidden from the road, so it's a bit tricky finding it. We ordered nasi with 'Butter Cheese Crab', 'Steam Garoupa' and 'Sizzling Beancurd'..The food was good especially the 'butter cheese crab'..

On Saturday morning, we stop at Hai Peng Kopitiam for breakfast... then proceed with our works..

Since the work can't be completed on time, I had to stay for one more night and this time we went for HomeStay Hotel located in the heart of Chukai Town.. It's a small hotel/motel but very nice and modern.. should i have to give a rating for it, i'm giving 7/10 for 'business hotel' category..
We were recommended a halal Chinese restaurant in Kemaman that serve seafood. That night we had rice with stuffed-crab, deep fried prawn and kangkong belacan.. We were satisfied with the food, I enjoyed the prawn very much..

The next day, we quickly completed all the outstanding works and head back to KL... We left Kemaman at 6.45pm and with an average speed of 150kmph, we reach KL at 8.45pm..(at your own risk) Tired but satisfied with our work.. nanti kena pegi lagi.. no doubt.. Kemaman, we'll meet again.. soon..

Honey..I'm Home!!

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