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I Just Love Good Smelling People

Body smell, body odour, doesn’t matter what we call it, it will always (most of the time) reflects unpleasant surroundings … Yes, this is what most men and/or women fear when they are around people. I’ll be sharing on behalf of man today, mostly through what I know and had experienced. No doubt, women also have their own ‘smell’, but let’s leave it to them to explain.

We (man), each of us has this unique smell which creates personality and at the same time could cause unpleasant odour. It may be pleasant to ‘certain people’, but most of the time it will not. Have you ever been in a situation where you have ‘smelly people’ around you? Eg. in the bus, in the LRT, lift.. (at least you can move around..) How about at the backseat of a moving car on a long distance drive..(the worst place to be).. Arghhh No.!!!

Scientifically, body odour can be influenced by factors such as diet, gender, genetics, health, alcohol, smoking, skin infection, medication and a lot more. Our body will turn what we eat into acid or even bacteria which can/will create odour. Sweats just help them to double… and double.. and..dou.. you know what I mean. That is why, people who ‘sweat a lot, smell a lot’.

Smell can disappear after bathing, but they may come back immediately if the person puts on the clothes he was wearing earlier. So, trust me brother… It’s a big mistake and a NO..NO..!! to recycle your clothes, it will just make you smell worst. We call it ‘stink!’

How to overcome this?

PERFUME… doesn’t work..

I, myself have my own odour identity/characteristic. Lucky me, my wife can stand it. But.. out there, people does show ‘reactions’ when I’m around them. Some of them touch their nose, facing away and some even ‘run’ away (nicely of course). I’ve tried many types of colon and branded deodorants, but it doesn’t work…all of them only last for about an hour.

UNTIL.. I saw the ADIDAS Action 3 (anti-perspirant spray). Easy to get, you can get it at most local pharmacy and supermarkets. It started to give immediate results right-away. My body smell better… I felt more comfortable around people, and it of course makes my day easier! It has boosted my self-confidence and I certainly am happier!

Amazingly, the good smell last throughout the day and there is not a single stain on my shirt!! Not like the ordinary deodorant (thanks to the anti-whitening material that minimize white marks and spots). Sweats are no more problem for me!!

ADIDAS Action 3 came out with six types of smell variant…INTENSIVE, CONTROL, SENSITIVE, FRESH, PURE and PRO-LEVEL. As for me I like the “FRESH” smell.. You guys should give it a try.. because it works!! Oh ya.. they have for women too..

I really hope what has been said above did help you with your problem..

Last but not least.. from now on.. whenever you hear people says
 “I Just Love Good Smelling People~!”..!! please stand proud, they meant YOU!!

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