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The Twinnies~~

Last weekend (EdiulAdha weekend), a day before we went back to Kuala Berang, my SIL came to KL to my PIL house since she delivered twinnies....they haven't come to KL yet. So, they came here to jalan-jalan KL with their newborn twins.

And here are the twinnies. They are 4-months old now. Last time, my hubby and I visited them during her confinement which the babies were 1 week old and they were so small and fragile. But now, they grow so fast.

On the left is the big sister and on the right is the 2nd sister. Can see the latter one is bigger than her big sister. During my SIL delivery, she did caesarian and the doctor said that the second baby is on top of her sister which can see now she's bigger!

This is when we were preparing to go to Kuala Berang while they were preparing to stay @ PNB Darby Park Hotel to continue their 'jalan-jalan'.

Can see my hubby's talent as a father??? hahaha..InsyaAllah...there will be our turn soon...Ameennnn

-the wifey-

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