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Our Balik Kampung Trip to Kuala Berang

Ready to leave for Kuala Berang

Last weekend both of us together with my family went to Kuala Berang, Terengganu. Kira balik kampung la after 4 years. Honestly i can't remember how to get there and that shows how long it was.

Cruising at LPT, 140 -160kmph

The journey was relaxing at first with minor traffic jams caused by an accident. After exiting the Pantai Timur Hway at Jabor we took the trunk road to Kuala Berang, one of two ways going there. The road was so damaged with pot holes everywhere. There were at least 2-3 holes in a kilometre. The tiredness was not from the driving but the concerntration you had to put on the driving, avoiding the holes. I'm not sure whether the damages were there all this while or were caused by the recent flooding. Talking about that, we were lucky the flooding has recovered the day before and there were no sign of it except a minor landslide.

Gotong-royong Korban

We rented rooms at Kuala Berang since the kampung house can't possibly accomodate 10 people at one go. We attended the korban ceremony and were re-introduced to the family members since we have not met for a long time. I even found out that i have nephews and nieces about the same age as me. hahaha. The korban was done in a gotong-royong manner. There were makcik everywhere instructing the youngsters on the cooking. Most of the time we only nod when they talk to us, their acsent were too hard to pick up. We managed to get ourselves 'daging pacak', a delicacy among our family. It's actually meat covered with 'kunyit' and bbq-ed on top of the fire pit until cooked, eat while hot.


There was a wedding ceremony on the same day of the korban.

Aishah posed for the camera

Tasik Kenyir

On the last day, we went to Tasik Kenyir to take some photos. We were dissapointed because of the not-well-kept environment as well as improper maintenance from the local authorities.

Last minutes changes, my dad decided to stay one more night at Kuala Berang leaving both Aishah and I no choice but to drive back to KL ourself. Since we were not in convoys anymore, we have all the time to ourself. Both of us decided to visit the Taman Tamadun Islam in Kuala Terengganu before leaving.

Taman Tamadun Islam

The achitectural designs are amazing, but say to say the facilities were not well kept. As the saying Malaysia has all the 1st world facilities but 3rd world maintenance. It true, we can see them everywhere.


We even got passport as 'we are visiting and travelling around the world to visit monument and mosque'.

Our journey route

On the way back, we were caught in a massive traffic crawl at Kemaman. For a 10 kilometre stretch, it took us 2 hours. What a headache. The best part, there were no accident or flood, just a damaged bridge. It took us 11 hours to reach home from Kuala Terengganu. One of the most tiring journey i ever had.

We had fun tough, and might consider going there again sometime in the future.


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