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A very good news indeed..!

Malaysia Airlines recently launched which enable users to perform online flight bookings through your mobile phones or smartphones. It's true what they said, booking done 'straight from your pocket'. Your phone need not be a Hi-tech phone, any mobile phone with internet browsing capabalities can access

Let see screenshots from my Nokia E71; Live and running

Let's type in the URL

The menu

- Book Flight
- My Booking
- Check In
- Flight Status
- Timetable
- Contacts
- Baggage Tracer
- Deals and Offers

Basically, all the things you need!

The online booking page

Doesn't matter where you are:-

In your car...
In a meeting...
On the road...
At the supermarket...
At a restaurant..
Not anywhere near a computer...

No more flight booking issues, you can book your flight tickets online now anywhere and anytime with 'as Easy as 1,2,3'. It may be small, but really powerful..

Not only that..

Hurry!..Malaysia Airlines is giving away FREE iPhone 3G for every 100th users!


Get one for FREE with a purchase of First Class/Business class ticket via

So, why wait anymore? Let's go holiday with Malaysia Airlines..! Don't forget to book your tickets through

Yayy!! Congrats to Malaysia Airlines!

Note: Best view with iPhone or large screen smartphone

Source: Nuffnang, MAS

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    # by Hazwan Hakim - December 18, 2009 at 10:04 AM

    nice entry...I hope u will win the tickets!..heehh

    comment my post also.. :roll:

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