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YES~~!! but NO~~!!!!

It's coming again every end of the year.....Everyone will be 'pokai'.

The Year End Sale (YES) has started today, 21/11/09 until 03/01/10...

As the promo will keep on playing in the TV, radio, everywhere.....

The Malaysia Savings Sale is back and offers the fantastic retail therapy, great dining experience and fun-filled entertainment. This sale comes at a perfect time, coinciding with the Christmas and New Year celebrations as well as the Malaysian school holiday season. Visitors can shop and save as most items which range from apparels, accessories, home d├ęcor to dining, leisure and holiday packages will be offered at discounted prices.

Whoaa.....!!!! I can't spend any more...I need to save money for our new crib....need to spend on kitchen cabinet, walk-in wardrobe, other wardrobes, furnitures, grills etc etc the list will be longer and longer......oh my!!!!!

~~I don't know what to say for YES.....silent :(~~

-the wifey-

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