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Party Kambing Golek..

Yesterday we had a lot of fun at our "Kambing Golek Party". The party was held at Seri Mas Condo (Baharom's place), Cheras.

We came early of course since Aishah was the 'party planner/organizer'! Huyooo..! On our way there, we made a quick stop to buy some beef pies and sausages for the party. The Lamb Caterer was the first to arrive because they had to set up the Lamb's bbq pit.

To roast the lamb, the caterer needs at least 2 hours. The 'roasting' process includes small flame during the first 30-40mins and constant coal heat for the rest of the duration. You will get a crunchy outer layer while the inner part are preserved with moist and juices within the tender meat. True enough...! The whole Lamb weight around 14 -15 kg. Everyone contributed some $$ for the Lamb. This is the best option i guess for 'meatlovers'... you will get the satisfaction for each and every ringgit you paid.

While the Lamb is being roasted, both of us and Baharom set up the tables and chairs. The rest came a bit later at around 12.30pm with their food. It's a 'pot luck' theme party. There were variety of food such as spegetthi, pilaf rice with beef curry+ayam masak merah, beef pies, sausages, brownies, fruit salad, cheese cakes and even strawberry dadih.

The 'lamb' got so much attention. Why do i say this? People were posing with the 'lamb' and a lot pictures were being taken, as evidence i guess before it turned into slices of delicious meat.. Rare opportunity.. Hahaha..

We had tons of Lamb's meat. There was a system were we will take a break in between 'rounds' to relax our tummy before the next chunck of meat goes into the mouth. During the break we chat and had hot drinks. It helped a lot..! i must say.

Some of Aishah's colleagues brought their spouse and kids. You can see kids running around everywhere and it had pretty much created a 'fun and happening enviroment' of a party.

The party ended at around 4pm and still there were lots of Lamb's meat left. Most of us 'tapau' the left-overs for dinner.

Overall, we had lots of fun and probably will consider organizing it again.


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    # by Fairulazmi - December 27, 2010 at 10:07 PM

    Assalamualaikum wrmbth,

    Yummy roasted lamb picture. Happy blogging

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