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Latest News on H1N1 at M.O.H website..

Good news to everyone... we can get the latest news on H1N1 by visiting the M.O.H dedicated H1N1 site.

Maybe during the first wave of infections, we don't really think that it will get this serious and further more life must go on (am i right?).. for most of us, we continue doing everyday's task with slight worries, for some, it doesn't effect their life at all, not a bit.

But with the recent news, "the virus has taken 38 lives" our daily lives started to change bit by bit. For most of us this is a wake up call.. people start taking necessary precautions in order to stay away from it. Some of them have started wearing face mask and you want to know one scary fact? "Face mask are sold out at most pharmaceutical stores".
There's actually few simple steps you can do to minimize the risk of infection:

1. Avoid public places
2. If point no. 1 can't be avoided, wear a face mask (dispose once used)
3. Wash your hand regularly (preferably, have hand sanitizer with you)
4. Don't touch your face or nose if your hands are dirty even if they are not too..(that's the toll-free highway for viruses going into your body)
5. If you are sick, quickly see a doctor and share all of your simptoms
6. If you are sick, don't go out since your body is weak and prone to stray viruses
7. Keep a stock of necessary basic medications (as temporary body restrain againtst viruses before meeting a doctor)

That's about it. Insyallah if you follow these steps, you'll be fine.

To know more what is H1N1.. click here


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