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My New Nokia E71 Smartphone

My nokia E71

Superb SmartPhone by Nokia i would whole package comes with

The complete package

Selection of colours

Choices of colours

Bought the grey model last weekend.. would recommend this to anyone who uses office functions such as MS words, excel, pdf and p/point regularly. It has won 2008 Nokia best model of the year! Click here

With QWERTY keypads, it's fells like you are typing from your PC keyboard. It also has a built in GPS but u need to pay for it. Lucky us in Malaysia, phone outlets provides a free Garmin GPS satelite software where u can use the GPS function for free with the latest GPS mapping for Malaysia and Singapore.

I have use it for almost a week and it satisfied my social and office needs. Only lack with a few additional functions such as faxing capabilities and Microsoft Outlook. I was able to connect to Y!mail and my office email server without any problems.

For phone specifications Click here

!...No doubt.. Go for it

  1. gravatar

    # by Caramelize Aziz - March 27, 2009 at 11:26 AM

    ni zul/ecah? i am still undecided bet iphone n this e71. hmph... kurt said kalau iphone guna maxis je. rugi. pastu nnt if ade phone lg canggih keluar, nak trade in iphone maybe susah. decission pls...

  2. gravatar

    # by ZuLaiShah - March 27, 2009 at 12:29 PM

    Zul ni. If u ask me.. i akan kata go for E71. Sebab i tak into using Hphones for musics or videos (funs stuff). Tatau la kalo u lain. I'm More to business, GPS and email applications. Lagipun betul KURT ckp, iphone kena contract with maxis only. Honestly, One thing yang tak cukup dalam E71 is the low 3.2 mgpixel camera and no built-in faxing application (tapi u can install application fax la, but so far suma kena byr). Lagipun ni symbian phone, mcm pc boleh install byk applications. I've bought this kat lowyatt, AP set je.. Sebab dia bagi free GPS & antivirus, screen protector n digital quran (GPS ni xkena bayar sbb built-in gps kena byr) Just to be safe, u might want to go for original la. Later install apps yg u nak. Kalau nak yg AP set make sure E71-1 version. sbb E71-2 or E71-3 catered for Europe and Middle Est i.e other market and akan caused 3G problem sbb kita pakai line asia. You can check by pressing *#0000# on the phone.

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