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New New New

Today is the 5th day since I started my new job. Everything is new. New job, new place, new friends, new colleagues, etc ect...but my husband still the same la kan...

Day 1
I went out early and reach the HQ around 8.15am and had to wait for the HR until 9.00am. Then, I met some new staffs as well and we met the HR personnel to report duty, filled up the form needed and they briefed us some of the things that we need to know there. Around 11.00am, we went to HTV 2, our office. There, we met our immediate supervisor and he did the briefing. After that, we didn't know what to do, just wait until the time to go back....

Day 2
I brought my lappy cos I have to wait my laptop about 3 weeks to get the company's laptop. Then, our big boss came in and had a meeting and assigned us some work to fill up our time. We had to study about the RFP and proposal given to us and present what we understand on the requirement and the solution by next week. For me, I had to do extra reserach and study as this industries is about telecommunication and network and I have no idea about that. I only know basic computer network. So, it's a bit pressure for me to understand in a week time everything.

Day 3
I continued do reseacrhing and studying on network and the proposal. Pressure pressure pressure!!!!!

Day 4
Still continue....and the best part was I get to visit our main node!!! All the while. I just imagine and sometimes I got confuse about the network...but when I saw the node, I got a better and clear picture and situation....I felt really relief and happy plus...I managed to understand the proposal and finished everything. Just have to do some discussions with my colleague.

Day 5
Today, I will attend meeting with the vendor for the first time at our HQ. In this afternoon, will having discussions for the presentation.

Ok...that's all for now....If I manage to get some piccas of my office..will upload later...


p/s : Today Samsung is having clearance sale!!! at my HQ ---- Heitech Village, USJ (Lobby area)

p/s/s : I saw the ads, there's a handphone that only cost RM40!!!!

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