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HK Honeymoon + Shoppingmoon (Part 1)

Hey there, Suddenly got a jigzz of mood on updating this blog since I'm in the midst of editing some of my HK piccas...not many, just some of them only. Definitely, i will update you guys more for the piccas...

Honeymoon Location : Hong Kong
Honeymoon Date : 8th June 2008 - 14th June 2008

Apa tengok-tengok..ada hutang ka?
We went to Hong Kong by Air Asia, depart from LCCT at 7.00am and arrived there at 11.05am.

There, at first we were a bit blurr since we went there all by ourselves. NO tour guides. We walked around the airport first, bought the famous octopus card (public tranportation prepaid card), went to airport washroom (trying to adjust ourselves with the paperbased toilet) Urghhh.., then we took the airport express (train) to Tsuen Wan West to check-in to our hotel.....

When we arrived at Tsuen Wan West, we walked for about 5 minutes to reach the hotel. While finding our way there, we took some pictures.

We arrived at the hotel!!!!

Tadaaa.....i luv the room...they upgraded for us for FREE to Deluxe Harbour View Room which is on the 38th floor. I guess you have to tell them in advance that you are Honeymooners..That was what we did..and we got it!

a note on the LCD Tv screen welcoming us. That's my NAME!!..Kewl!!

Looking around for any closed circuit camera..hahah..just kidding..

a see through(transparent) bathroom. Kinda sexy huhh?..hahaha..awwww..There you go..the Harbour view..I can actually see ships, ferries and boats cruising through the Tsuen Wan Chanel.

Jauh termenung... cari Jacky Chan ke?

Hold it..Hold it (holding my breath for this pose)..hahaha be continued....

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