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Wedding Gift Dilemma..~~!!


Should i do this or i should not...

Well, it is not nice to ask what people want to give you, but at the same time people tends to give the same thing over and over. If that happen, I'll be getting a lot of things (i hope) but most of them are the same things (please don't..) differentiated by colours and sizes.

So people..should i create a section where everyone can list down what they want to give me and put a note that "you should not give the same item others has written here". Haha.. I'm a devil rite?..
But even if i do that, brapa byk sangat orang visit my site. No point kan.. Well, we leave it as it is la..

Zinngggg.. (an idea struck me)

I just got this idea.. Rather than you listing down what you want to give me. Might as well i list down what i really love to have.. Sounds better right.. Good for you and GOOD for me..! Well, let see..

I already have a fridge, a wardrobe, a sofa...

What i really love to have..

- a flat screen tv (29" or 32" would be nice)
- a new car (yeah right..)
- a microwave oven
- cooking set
- an automated coffee maker
- all paid trip for 2 to any destination
- a PDA handphone
- a DVD home theatre set
- a set of Mont Blanc perfume
- an automatic vacuum cleaner
- an automatic rice/food cooker
- a DVD camcorder
- a nice toaster
- a DVD player
- a PS2

I think enough for now..haha.

Please take note that this is "what i love to have". If you want to give other thing, I'll still appriciate even if it's not in the list.

**The fact that you are coming to my wedding has already meant a lot to me..apatah lagi (can't find the english word) if you want to give me something..haha

Oklaa..c ya all later..

- Hubby -

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