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The hantaran part has begun..

This is a picture of us in the car
Hantaran oohh..Hantaran..

Huhh.. it was beyond my expectations. I thought "hantarans" are something simple where you just go, choose and ask the designer to do this and that. But i was wrong (again)..
On that day itself both of us (me and my fiancee) have to walk back and forth (in the rain!!) to the shop just to make sure that everything is in order. Not forgetting the photo sample that i have to carry along. Luckily Jln TAR was nearby where we can go and find the small stuffs that matters.
The groom's hantaran colour concept is gold with a stint of black. Where as the Bride side purple with some cream (i think).
Anyway, i can't show it yet. It will kill the excitement.. Sorry guys.. You have to wait until my wedding..

- Hubby -

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